Isolating a Subject

The Isolate Subject tool is built to bring focus to your subject using our powerful A.I. When using a Photo Editor effect or tool, you may want to apply it only to the subject or background of your image. Using Isolate Subject will allow you to do this with ease. 

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Step 1: Open an image into the Photo Editor.

Step 2a: If you are using an Edit tool, choose an editing tool then click the Erase tab to find the Isolate Subject button.

Step 2b: If you’re using a tool from the Effects or Artsy menu, hover over the effect's thumbnail and click the Settings option and click the Erase tab. There you’ll find the Isolate Subject button.

Step 3: Select Isolate Subject and you'll see a preview of the subject being isolated and a checkbox option to share your image with us to improve future results. Confirm the selection to apply it to your canvas.

Step 4: The tool will then be applied to the subject. If you see any areas that the Isolate Subject tool missed, use the brush settings to clean them up. You can switch between Remove and Keep to add or subtract more of the effect onto the image.

Step 5: If you'd like the effect on the background and the subject in its original form, click the Invert Selection button above the Isolate Subject button. There you'll also see buttons to Show/Hide the selection mask, or Reset the image to the original preview.

Step 6: Click Apply to save your changes. Continue adding to and editing your creation. If you're done, be sure to save your project!

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