Creating Holiday Cards and Invitations

BeFunky is your one stop shop for all your holiday design needs. Read along to see how you can utilize our full selection of holiday templates in our Graphic Designer.

To get started, open the Graphic Designer and head over to Templates. Click the Search Templates button to bring up our Template Library.

If you have a specific holiday you’re looking for, you may want to use a search term like ‘Christmas’ or ‘Hanukkah’ to pull up those specific templates. You can also head over to the ‘Events and Cards’ sub-menu and expand the ‘Winter Holiday’ section to see templates with those tags.

Holiday Greeting Card MakerYou’ll see templates with ranges from cards and invitations, some in all graphic styles or with featured images or photo collages.

Choose the template you want to work on and you’ll see a template preview pop-up with the image dimensions and thumbnail. Click Select Template to populate it on the canvas.

From there you can start customizing the template of your choice. Under the Customize menu you can select a new background color or resize the template. Next, bring any images you want to use into your Image Manager

Use Your Own Images for Greeting CardsDrag and drop images from your Image Manager on the canvas. You'll see the selected demo image turn blue, and release to have it take its place. 

You can also customize the text and graphics on your template. Click into any text area to select the text. Highlight the text you want to replace and type your own. 

Customize Text Properties in DesignerWhen you select the text you'll also see the Text Properties dialogue appear. You can change the selected font, size, color, spacing and more in this pop-up.

A lot of our templates also have graphics incorporated into their designs that can be changed as well. Select the graphic and press Delete on your keyboard to remove it. Then go to the 'Graphics' tab and search for the graphics you'd like to use.

Use Graphics in Greeting Card DesignsOnce you've selected your graphics, double-click or drag a graphic to the canvas to see it populate. Use the blue handles around the graphic to resize it to your liking. Use the Graphic Properties pop-up to add Color Overlays, Tints or other options. 

Final Results:

Final Results - Holiday Card

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