Saving Files as a PDF

You are able to save as a PDF when saving your project to your computer. Important things to note when saving as a PDF include: 

  • While most resolution and image sizes will be in pixels, inches, or centimeters, PDF files use a different measurement called Points.
  • A point  is 1/72 of an inch, so a file of 8X10 inches will be multiplied by 72 to get the point measurement: 576X720 points.
  • BeFunky will save at 300dpi in all forms except the Poster size, in which we will save at 240dpi.

To do so, click on the Save menu and choose Computer as your saving destination. You’ll see options for JPG, PNG and PDF file outputs.

When PDF is selected, you’ll see two compression options for saving, Web Quality or Print Quality. You'll see the File Size populate next to your Quality choice.

Pro Tip: Images that are not being printed should be saved at Web Quality. This conserves file size and allows images to be loaded quickly on the web.

Click Save to download the file. It will save to your preferred Downloads location on your computer. 

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