Using and Searching for Graphic Designer Templates

Our Graphic Designer has a sophisticated Template Library Search to make it easier to track down your perfect template.

Log in to our Graphic Designer and you'll see your 10 most 'Recent Projects' listed in your left-hand menu. If you'd like to open a recent project, select it from the list to have it populate on the canvas. You can also click 'View All' to access your full project library on your BeFunky account.

How to Search Templates:

To find a new template, click on Search Templates to open up our Template Library. To start you'll see a list of 'Featured Templates' available.

You'll see our templates have now been categorized based on their intended usage. For example, open the 'Social Media' menu to see pre-made templates for different social media platforms and post types.

Search Template LibraryClick through each menu to see our current available templates in each style.

Also use our Search Template box to browse template options. Use search tags like color, industry and content type to find a good match.

For example, if you're looking for recipe templates, type the 'Recipe' tag in the search bar. If you're looking for 'Recipe' templates to use on Instagram, try 'Recipe Instagram' to see a full selection.

Use Tags to Search LibraryThis will pull up results for templates tagged with 'recipe', 'instagram' or both tags. Scroll through until you find one you like, then click on a template to select it and have it populate on your canvas.

Using Quick Tags on the Left Menu:

Search Quick Tags for TemplatesStart typing quick tags into the Search Bar to see suggested tags auto-populate. For instance, if you try searching 'Green' you'll see suggested tag options pop-up like 'Mint Green', 'Forest Green', 'Greenhouse' etc. Click on any tags that appear to see their respective results in your Search Results.

Removing A Search Term from Search Bar:

Remove Search TermIf you've entered a search term that's not working out, try another one! Click into the search box and either click 'X' on the search terms to remove the text, or simply start typing over the previous search tags with your new search. 

Resetting the Displayed Results:

Remove Search Result DisplayTo remove your current display of search results, look for the 'X' next to 'Search Results for ______' at the top of your template library. Click it to reset your current results back to the 'Featured Templates' page when template search is first opened.

Once you have your template selected, start customizing! All of our templates come with demo content that can easily be replaced with your own images, colors and text! 

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