Customizing Brochure Templates

You may have run across our awesome Graphic Designer templates, and decided to use one for your business. Follow along to see how to customize a brochure and make it stand out with your own content!

BeFunky can print at a maximum of 4080x4080 pixels. Our brochure templates all have dimensions of 3300px x 2550px (or 11" x 8.5") with a 300dpi. These templates are made to be printed out on regular printer-sized paper for best results. You may want to Save as a PDF for high-res printing quality. 

Getting Started:

BeFunky Brochure TemplatesBefore you start customizing, it helps to have all of your images and copy ready for your brochure. Use the clearest and most relevant imagery you can to make your business shine. If you have images that are overly cluttered or busy, they may not be a good choice for your brochure.

Think about what you want from your brochure. Are you selling real estate, or a travel company, or your own services? What is your mission statement? Brochure copy should be brief, relevant and create a call to action.

If you have specific branding like logos and color schemes, have these prepared as well. If you’re following a certain color palette, have the hex codes for those colors ready to add into the Designer.


Start by opening up the Graphic Designer, then in the Template Library open the Business Marketing menu and choose Brochures. Select a brochure template you like to generate a preview, then click Use This Template to populate it on the canvas.

All of these templates are filled with demo content that can easily be replaced with your own. In this example, we'll turn this brochure for Bali travel into one for the Oregon Coast!

Brochure Template SelectionYou'll notice as you click around on the demo brochure content, each section will highlight. This demo content can be easily swapped out for your own.

If you'd like to keep the basic look but just change text, colors and images, click onto a section to add your own content.

For images: When you click on an image, the Image Properties section will appear. Here you can click the 'Replace' button, and choose an image from your computer to replace the same section.

Your other option is to use images in your Image Manager, and drag-and-drop them into the image area you want to replace. As you drag your image over the demo, you'll see it highlight. Release your image to see it populate in that area.

Pro Tip:

If you need to make some edits to your image after placing them in the Designer, click on Open Image in Editor to take it into the Photo Editor. Once you finish your edits, click 'Back to Designer' to see your edited image populate in your design.

Create Custom Brochures with BeFunkyFor colors: Click onto one of the demo graphics to bring up a Graphic Properties menu, similar to images. Here you'll see the option to add a Color Overlay. Do the same with any text you want to change, by clicking on the text and using the color selector to choose the colors you want.

Pro Tip:

If you have hex codes to use with your design, you can add them in the box at the top of the Color Selector dialogue.

Edit Brochure TemplatesFor text: You'll be able to click on any demo text to write your own. Once you've clicked into a text box, delete the current text or start typing / paste in your own.

Change Text, Colors, Images in Brochure Templates

Pro Tip:

Use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to nudge around text, images or graphics on your canvas. If they're enabled, you'll see snapping lines and distances appear to help you align your elements.

When you're happy with your creation, save it to your computer or BeFunky. You may want to save a copy as a project in case you need to edit it later. If you'd like your brochure to be double sided, look into double-sided printing with two templates. They're designed to fold like a traditional brochure and help get your business looking sharp!

Final Results:

Final Results: Brochure Template Update

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