Working With Graphics

BeFunky offers thousands of graphics at your disposal. Whether you’re looking for full-color graphics, vectors or plain shapes, we’ve got you covered!

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What are Graphics?

Graphics are icons, hand-drawn elements, and stickers that you can add to your projects. They're perfect for social media visuals, labels, and many other designs.

How Do I Use Graphics?

Graphics are grouped into categories. Under each category, there are different graphics that you can apply to your photos. You may want to use them as design elements, or to create a speech bubble for a character, or just to add a flourish to your creation. Experiment with all our options to find what you're looking for.

How Do I Add Graphics to My Project?

Throughout the Photo Editor, Collage Maker and Graphic Designer, you’ll add graphics to your projects the same way.

Searching for Graphics
Start in the home menu and find the ‘Graphics’ submenu. Click on ’Search Graphics’ to go to the full library.

You can type keywords into the ‘Search Graphics’ box or scroll through the ‘Styles’ or popular tags. When you see some you like, click on them and a blue box with a checkmark will appear.

Once you’re done selecting the graphics you want to use, ‘X’ out of the library dialogue. You’ll see all your selections in ‘Your Graphics’. From there, you can double-click, drag-and-drop or right click on it to add as a layer to your project.

Adding GraphicsIf you have your own collection of SVG’s (scalable vector graphics), you can add them into the Graphics tab and use them in your projects. Click the green Computer button at the top of the Graphics tab and select the file from your computer.

Add Your Own SVG FileOnce added, you’ll see your SVG as a thumbnail in the Image Manager tab (where you’ll be redirected after the upload). Double click to add it to your project, then use the blue circles around it to resize and rotate it and drag it around the canvas.

How Do I Access My Graphics to Add to Projects?

Any graphics you select will be available to you in the 'My Graphics' area of your account. As you move through the three applications, you'll still have access to your graphics regardless of which app you're using.

Managing Your Graphics
If you'd like to remove graphics from 'Your Graphics', hover over the thumbnail and click the x in the bottom right corner. This gives you control over which graphics you want quick access to.

How Can I Customize My Graphics?

Once you have a graphic added to your image, you can click and drag the blue circles around it to resize it, and drag it around your image for perfect placement. You’ll notice that any time a graphic is selected, a Graphic Properties menu appears to help you customize it.

In the Graphic Properties menu, you can change the Color Overlay by clicking the box next to it and choosing any hue.

Customizing GraphicsUse the Intensity slider in the Color Overlay menu to adjust how intense the color overlay will be. You can also tint your graphic by choosing the tile next to Tint. The Tint option will add the color you choose over the top of the colors already present on the graphic.

Clicking the Options button in the Graphic Properties menu will bring up even more customization options, allowing you to add a Blend Mode, adjust the Opacity, flip and rotate the graphic, and more.

Flatten Graphic on CanvasHow Do I Flatten My Graphic Onto my Photo?

If you're working in the Photo Editor you can choose the Flatten Layers button in the bottom left corner of the canvas to essentially glue down the graphics and make them part of your photo. The Graphic Designer and Collage Makers don't have the ability to flatten.

Delete Graphic From Canvas

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