Adding Sketcher Effects

If you'd like to turn your photographs into sketch-based art, BeFunky has you covered!

Sketcher effects are only available for BeFunky Plus subscribers.
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Step 1: Open your Photo Editor and head over to the Artsy effects.

Step 2: Choose the Sketcher category to see all the variations. This effect has 6 different variants.

Adjusting Sketcher Artsy EffectsStep 3: For any of the variants, click on the Settings wheel to see a variety of settings pop up.

  • Amount: How much of the effect is placed onto your image. Go to 100% to fully cover, or move down for some transparency to the original image.
  • Clutter Cleaner: As you move this you'll see the details of your image change. A higher adjustment will have a cleaner look, and a lower one will show more details of the image sketched.
  • Sketch Detail: For a more dramatic look, move sketch detail up. This will create heavier lines around your image's edges.
  • Background Color: Change this to set the background color of your sketch.
  • Sketch Color: Change this to set the color of ink the sketch effect applies.
  • Halftone Size: If a halftone dot overlay is applied, and how large the dots are if applied.
  • Dot Size: For the Sketcher effects that will always apply a halftone overlay, how large the dots are.
  • Color Detail: Move this to fine tune the detail within the color overlay.

Step 4: When you're ready to apply the effect, click the blue checkmark.

Check out the full spectrum of Sketcher effects you can achieve with BeFunky -

Sketcher 1:

Sketcher Effect 1Sketcher 2:

Sketcher Effect 2Sketcher 3: 

Sketcher Effect 3Sketcher 4:

Sketcher Effect 4Sketcher 5:

Sketcher Effect 5Sketcher 6:

Sketcher Effect 6

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