Batch Processing Watermarks

Once you've created your branding with BeFunky's watermark tool, you may have the need to add watermarks to many images at once. You can use Batch Processing to accomplish this and have your images ready to post or print in no time!

Step 1: Head over to the Photo Editor then click the Batch button in the Top Navigation Bar.

Step 2: The Batch Processing screen allows you to open and upload multiple images from your computer by selecting the Add Images button, or dragging and dropping your image files into the window.

Pro Tip: At this step, you’re also able to batch process other effects on your images. If you’d like to resize, color, crop, etc, do this before adding a watermark.

Step 3: When you’re ready to watermark your photos, click the Save button at the top of the Batch Processing menu. A Save Images menu will appear, allowing you to choose your save options and name your files accordingly. After choosing those options, check the Use Watermark box.

Step 4a: If you’ve uploaded your watermark to the watermark tool before, you’ll see the preset menu appear when choosing the Use Watermark box. Select the preset you'd like to use, then click Save Images to download them into a .zip file. 

Step 4b: If your logo has not been uploaded yet, choose Create Watermark Template and new options will appear to turn your watermark into an available preset

Pro Tip: Create multiple watermarks presets to use on different types of images. You may want to create dark and light variations to use on images with different backgrounds.

Step 5: Once the watermark template has been saved, select the Save Images button when you’ve made your selections. Your batch images will be saved within a zip file, and you can choose the location on your computer where you’d like the zip file to be stored.

Step 6: Unzip the file to see all your images watermarked! 

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