Using Bokeh Effects

In BeFunky, we have a couple of options for creating a bokeh effect. Bokeh is the ethereal effect created in a camera lens from the out-of-focus areas of a photograph. Usually this is captured using a fast lens at a wide aperture. We’ve recreated this look using textures and our Lens Blur tool, to allow you easy access to this unique effect.

Textured Background Bokeh:

This version applies some pre-set bokeh textures as an overlay on your image. We have several different variations you can try out to see what looks best with your image.

Step 1: Open your image in the Photo Editor. Then go to the Textures menu and choose the Bokeh panel.

Step 2: You'll see 6 options for bokeh. Click through each thumbnail to try them out with your image.

Textured BokehStep 3: For each variant, click the 'Settings' icon to adjust the effect. Here you can change opacity, select a different blend mode, or rotate / flip the bokeh effect over the canvas.

Step 4: Once you're happy with the result, click the blue checkmark to apply.

Final Results:

Bokeh Effect ResultsUsing the Lens Blur Tool for Bokeh:

One of our newest tools in BeFunky is Lens Blur. This nifty tool lets you control the look and feel of the bokeh you're adding, and only apply it to certain parts of your images that you want.

Step 1: Open up an image in your Photo Editor. Then go to Edit and choose Lens Blur.

Step 2: Once you click into the effect, you'll see it default to about 50% of each of the adjustment options. Adjust these until you get the bokeh look you're after.

Step 3: Click into the 'Paint' panel. Here you can adjust the Brush Size, Hardness and Strength, and move the paint brush around the canvas to apply the Lens Blur effect.

Pro Tip:

If you remove too much or the wrong areas, use the 'Eraser' tool to add some back.

Bokeh with Lens BlurStep 4: Once you have the results you're looking for, click the blue checkmark to apply them to your image.

Final Results:

Final Results - Lens Blur Bokeh

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