Cropping Image Layers On-Canvas

Whether you’re in the Photo EditorGraphic Designer, or Collage Maker, BeFunky features on-canvas cropping of your image layers, to make your workflow even faster than ever before!

Step 1:  Add an image layer to your canvas. Select the image layer by clicking on it to see the cropping options.

Step 2: Drag the white horizontal/vertical selectors to crop your image.

Pro Tip: As you move the cropping selectors around, you'll see a black box pop-up around your cursor with the new dimensions of the cropped layer.

Step 3: To view additional cropping options, double-click on the layer to view the Crop Image menu. You will be able to see the full image and the areas you’ve cropped. Grab the adjustment handles on the edge of the image and pull them around to move the cropped area. 

Step 4: Drag-and-drop the crop frame around the layer until you get the results you’re looking for. Once you have the crop frame set, click out of the crop frame to see it applied.

Step 5: You'll also see options for Fit to Frame and Fit to Image. Fit to Frame will fit the image into the parameters of the crop frame, while Fit to Image will move the crop frame to the outer dimensions of the image frame even if it has already been cropped.

Step 6 (Optional): Select the layer and in the Image Properties pop-up you'll also see options to cutout the image layer, replace it with another, or export it as its own image. If you'd like to remove some of the layer, click on Cutout to do so.

Pro Tip: If the layer cut out layer is looking a bit flat, you can add a drop shadow to match the rest of the image. 

Step 7: Continue adding to and editing your creation. If you're done, be sure to save your project

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