Enhancing Eyes with Touch Up Tools

In the BeFunky Touch Up tool collection, you'll find several options in our Photo Editor to fix or enhance your eyes to create stunning portraits, in just a few clicks!

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Eye Color

If you've ever wanted to try out a new eye color or enhance your current color, Eye Color is the tool for you. Open an image in the Photo Editor, then head to Touch Up > Eye Color and choose the color you'd like to change to.

With the brush tool, choose your brush hardness / strength, and start painting over the eyes in your photo.

Eye Color ToolUse the 'Eraser' tool to remove any areas you don't need painted.

Eye Brighten

If you find your subject's eyes aren't quite popping the way you'd like, the 'Eye Brighten' tool is a quick help. Open your image and go to Touch Up menu, then find Eye Brighten.

Eye BrightenChoose your desired brush size and hardness and paint in the brightening effect to the eyes of your subject.

Eyebrow Pencil

For a quick eyebrow fill to make those eyes pop, go to Touch Up and find the Eyebrow Pencil tool. Here you can choose the color palette that best suits your subject's face, then adjust the strength / brush size / hardness and paint over the eyebrows. Use the 'Eraser' tool to clean up any lines that need removing.

Eyebrow PencilFix Red Eye

If you find your image with the undeniable red eye, usually caused by a camera's flash reflecting off the eye, the 'Fix Red Eye' tool can help. Like the previous tools, choose the brush size and hardness for your image, then paint over the eye area to help fill in the red eye.

Fix Red Eye

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