Fixing Blemishes

If you find yourself wanting to clean up a portrait to remove a noticeable blemish, or smooth out a complexion, the Blemish Fix tool will easily do this with just a few clicks. Blemish Fix smartly selects the direct surrounding image pixels to repopulate and cover up undesirable marks.

Step 1: Open your image in the Photo Editor.

Step 2: Go to Touch Up then find Blemish Fix in your sidebar.

Step 3: Choose the brush size and hardness you want to use, then start clicking on the blemishes you want to remove. You'll see them remove and seamlessly blend into the image.

Using the Blemish Fix Tool

Pro Tip:

Set your brush size slightly larger than the blemish, then click on the blemish until it disappears (typically 1-3 times).

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