Adding and Editing Text in Designer

Updating Existing Text Layers

If you're using one of our pre-made templates, click into the text layer on the template to start editing, then update it with your new text.

Editing Text LayersWhen you click the text layer, you'll see a Text Properties window open. This window lets you change styling options like text size, font type, background color, outline or letter spacing and line height.

Adding a New Text Layer

If you want to add a new text layer to your project, open the Text Editor ('A' icon on the left hand menu), then click the Add Text button. This will add a new text layer that you can edit in the same way as above.

Grouping Text Layers

You can select multiple text layers to move and resize at the same time. When you have a text layer selected, press and hold the CONTROL key (COMMAND on mac) while you click on the additional text layers.
Alternatively, you can use the Layers & Groups window in the same way to select multiple text layers.
Once you have your text layers selected, you can move them all at the same time by clicking the group on your canvas and dragging it to the new location. You can also use the group's corner grabs to resize the text layers simultaneously.
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