Picking the Perfect Template for Your Design

Our Graphic Designer has thousands of design templates and options to let you design like a total pro. Read along to get started with choosing a template for your design.

Step 1: In the Graphic Designer select Templates from the left-hand menu.

Step 2: Click Start with a Blank Canvas to create your own template design, or move to the next step to search our Template Library.

Step 3: Use the search bar to enter keywords and tags, or scroll through our categories. There are several categories to choose from, to help you get your desired aesthetic:

  • Editor's Choice: Our personal selection of popular or promoted templates, broken down by style.
  • Social Media: Take your pick of templates for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Etsy and more! These templates are made for your posts, banners and even thumbnails.
  • Business Marketing: No matter the need of your business, we've got you covered. Create brochures, business cards or even a company letterhead for your business.
  • Online Advertising: Wherever you put your business online, our templates can help make this a consistent and efficient process. Choose from various sizes and shapes of industry standard for online marketing.
  • Events and Cards: Plan the perfect party with our templates for your event. We have multiple categories to choose from, including weddings, birthdays and holidays! 

Step 4: Click on the template to bring up the preview page so you can view it closer. Click Use this Template to populate it to your canvas.

Step 5: If the template you've chosen needs to be tailored, you can resize the template to fit your image needs. 

Pro Tip: If none of our templates suit your needs, click Blank Canvas to start your project with a blank canvas. 

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