Saving Your Design to Edit Later

While editing a project in the Graphic Designer, you may come across a stopping point where you want to save your project with all the layers in tact to work on later.

To do this, go to the Save menu in your Main Navigation bar, and click Save as Project.

This will allow you to save as a file type specifically made for BeFunky (.BFD). You can either save a version to your Computer, or save your project file your Project Manager in BeFunky.

Save Design as a ProjectTo open your project later, go to the Open menu and find your saved BFD file, either in your computer or your BeFunky Project Manager. You can also drag and drop it from your computer into the canvas to see it populate.

Open Designer Project FileOnce you open your file, click on the Layers & Groups tab to find them all in tact just how you left them.

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