Introduction to Artsy Effects

BeFunky's Artsy effects in our Photo Editor use powerful A.I. to turn your beautiful photo into a masterful work of art. From watercolor and oil paintings to detailed sketches, cartoons, pop art, and more, you can let your inner artist shine with just a single click. These are some of the most popular effects in our Artsy section, but check out the entire catalog to meet your creative needs! 

GFX Series

impressionist-gfx applied to an image of a field and dirt road

The GFX Series includes exciting tools like Vector Painting GFX and Impasto GFX to enhance our current selection of features. The GFX Series consists of new effects along with a few of our favorite Artsy effects to create Cartoonizer 1 & 2 GFX and Watercolor GFX with additional settings like Fidelity and Variation to further reimagine your artwork.

Digital Art


Our collection of digital deluxe effects! Remastered versions of our favorite Artsy effects from the classic Cartoonizer, to gritty Graphic Novel. The Digital Art section provides an amazing cross-section of our best Artsy effects, in high-level DLX form. 

Photo to Cartoon

Our Cartoonizer was the very first Artsy effect we created, and it stands the true test of time. It remains our most popular effect to date, and we now have an entire category full of different Cartoonizer effects.

Poly Art


The Poly Art effects use geometric shapes to give your photo an angular and minimalistic feel. These simple shapes bring color and vibrance reminiscent to stained glass. 


The Watercolor effect brings your image to life with the same dreamy textures and bright colors you would see in your favorite paintings. 


Underpainting effects add a visual dimension and depth to your photos by making them look as though they have an additional base coat of color beneath your image. 


With our Sketcher effects, you’re not just limited to a black and white color palette – you have total control over the color of the sketch lines and the background color of your 2D work of art.


With Inkify options ranging from black and white to sepia to full color, you'll always have the perfect filter to turn your photos into sketches, stencils, and more!

Oil Painting

Each effect in the Oil Painting section will break up your image into a series of brushstrokes and swaths of color, making your photo fit for a museum! 
Don't see the look you are searching for here? Check out our full collection of Artsy effects to try them out on your image. You can even Favorite the effects by clicking on the star on the top left. This will add them to your Favorites for easier application in the future!

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