Radiate with the Glow Tool

The Glow tool works by brightening the highlights in your image to naturally make shiny objects appear even shinier. It will add a soft or heavy glow to any type of photography, but the best images to use with this tool are ones where shimmer and shine are important to the overall look. The Glow tool can be located in the Edit tools of the Photo Editor. 

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The Glow tool works especially well with certain kinds of product photography, where you can really bring out the boldness of your product with an extra glow, or for night photography to highlight the luminance of a cityscape.

Step 1: Open an image with Photo Editor. Under the Edit menu, you’ll see the Glow tool.

Step 2: 
You’ll see a few options under the Glow menu. There are options for both  Normal or Intense glow, depending on how extreme you want the effect to appear.

Step 3: 
Adjust the different settings until you get the results you're looking for!
  • Amount: Controls the overall amount of glow added to the image.
  • Glow Size: Creates a larger range of glow around the targeted area.
  • Glint Size: Increases / decreases cross-light 'glint' over targeted areas.
  • Tolerance: Helps regulate the area that the effect is applied to.
  • Tint: By default, this will be transparent, but if you’d like your glow to have a color tint, click on the color box icon to choose a color from the color palette.

Step 4: Click Apply to save your changes.

Step 5: Continue adding to and editing your creation. If you're done, be sure to save your project!

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