Adding a Watermark to Your Projects

Adding a watermark to your creation will help protect you from theft, and will establish a recognizable brand in your projects. BeFunky makes it easy to create your own watermark or add an existing one to your projects across our Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Graphic Designer

Step 1: Once you have finished editing your project, select Save at the top of the page in the Main Navigation Menu. 

Step 2: Select either Save to Computer or BeFunky. In the pop-up, click the checkbox for Use Watermark. Select Create Watermark Preset to upload your watermark file and start customizing it as a preset.

Pro Tip: Create your watermark with a transparent background and saved in PNG format – this way your watermark will look seamless no matter what image it’s placed on.

Step 3: In the Watermark Preset Editor menu, click the Upload Watermark button to upload your watermark. This can be your logo, text, icon, or any watermark design.

Step 4: Next, use the sliders to adjust the Placement, Size, Padding, and Opacity:

  • Placement: As the name states, it adjusts where your watermark resides on the image. 
  • Size: Adjusting the Size slider to the right will make your watermark larger while adjusting to the left decreases the size.
  • Padding: Adjusting the Padding slider to the right will create more space between the watermark and the edge of the image.
  • Opacity: Sliding the Opacity slider to the left will make your watermark more transparent while sliding it to the right will make it more opaque.

Pro Tip: It's best to keep the opacity on watermarks in the 40-60% range, as to not distract too much from the image itself.

Step 5: When you’re finished customizing your watermark, click the Save Preset button. Your preset will then be added to the Save menu for easy access to add on future projects.

Step 6: You can click the plus icon next to the Watermark Preset to add as many presets as you'd like. Additionally, you can edit existing presets by clicking the Edit Watermark Preset button. 

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