Adding Image Layers

BeFunky supports adding multiple layers onto a single image in just a few steps! Check out our guide here for instructions on how to add layers into our famous Photo Editor.

Step 1: Head over to your Photo Editor and click on Image Manager from the left sidebar menu to see all the images currently saved to your profile.

Add Layer from Image ManagerStep 2: Find the image you'd like to add as a layer. You can search stock images, click the green Computer button to access your computer's files and find your file there, or click on the three green dots to search through your BeFunky projects or connected accounts such as Facebook.

Choose Image From ComputerStep 3: Once your image is added to the Image Manager, click it and choose Add as Layer to add it over the canvas as a new layer.

Add Image as Layer

Pro Tip:

You can also double click or drag and drop from the Image Manager onto the canvas to add it as a layer.

Step 4: Once it's been added this will also bring up an Image Properties dialogue where you can add Color Overlay, change the Tint or click on Options for more options such as changing the opacity, blend mode, or alignment.

Adjust Layer PropertiesStep 5: If you want to add the same layer multiple times, you can duplicate it straight from the Options panel by clicking the Duplicate icon. Move the new layers around until you get the results you're looking for.

Duplicate LayerStep 6: Click on Save at the top of the Photo Editor to save your creation!

Pro Tip:

If you'd like to save this creation with layers intact, choose Save as Project to create a file you can edit with BeFunky after it's been saved.

Save as a Project

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