How to Make a Transparent Background

Whether you’re selling on third party sites like Amazon, eBay and Etsy, or you’ve got your very own website to showcase your goods, one of the best ways you can make your products more appealing is simple – use a background remover to present them on a pure white background.

In fact, experts agree that this formula for product photography increases click-through rates, boosts conversions, and improves your brand’s image. BeFunky’s Background Editor allows you to remove distracting backgrounds in your product photography, all in a matter of minutes! In other words, it’s much simpler than you think to achieve pure white or transparent backgrounds, making you look like an eCommerce superstar.

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Original Image with BackgroundStep 1: Upload your photo into BeFunky’s Photo Editor and select the Background tool from the Edit menu.

Step 2: Going into the Background option will give you a transparent canvas. You can unclick Transparent if you'd rather have a white background.

Click on the Paint button, then choose the Inverse icon that looks like two boxes overlapping. This brings the product back to the foreground.

Step 3: Choose a brush size / hardness / strength from the Paint options, and carefully start removing your product's background with the brush tool.

Opening the Background ToolYou may need to adjust your brush size and hardness depending on where you're working. It helps to start with a larger brush to remove the majority of the background, then change to a smaller brush size with higher hardness to come back for detail work around the edges of the product.

Use paint brush to remove backgroundStep 4: Minimize the brush size and zoom in to your photo. Here’s where we’ll get really detailed. Carefully paint around the edges of your product. If you accidentally start to paint over your product, select the Eraser tool to remove the paint.

Zoom in on background

Pro Tip:

When you’re zoomed in and want to navigate around the image more quickly, hold down the Spacebar and drag the image to reposition it. Release the Spacebar and you’ll be able to continue using the Background tool where you need it.

Removed background close-upStep 5: When you’ve painted over the entire background, click the blue checkmark to confirm.

After you’ve removed the background and are ready to save, make sure you Save As PNG after clicking the Export button at the top of the Photo Editor. This will keep the background transparent, and let you save it as a layer to add to another image.

Alternatively, add a full white background by unchecking the "Transparent" button under Edit > Background > Adjust and make your product stand out on a bold white backdrop. For this you can Save As JPG to keep the white background attached.


Final Results - Background Tool

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