Adding a Border to Your Photos

A Border is a great way to frame your image for sharing on social media or to give space for a built-in caption on your photo. We offer multiple customizations to get the perfect design for your image. 

Step 1: Open your image in the Photo Editor.

Step 2: On your side toolbar, choose the Frames category, then click on the Border category to apply your border.

Important Note: When adding a Border, it may resize your image to fit within the border parameters. You can click+drag the image to reposition it within the border. 

Step 3: Use the Settings to get your desired results:

  • Outer and Inner Color: Choose the color of both the outside border and the inside border using the color picker. 
  • Outer Thickness: By default, you will have two sets of borders on the image. This setting controls the thickness of the outer border.
  • Inner Thickness: Controls only the inner border. Set this all the way to 0% if you'd like to only have one border for your image
  • Corner Radius: Adjust this slider to have a rounded effect around your image
  • Caption Space: Adjust this slider to create room for a caption beneath your image. The color of the caption space will be the same color as the Outer Color. 

Step 5: Click Apply to save your project! 

Pro Tip: For more info on other Frames and Borders, check out this article! 

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