How to Cartoonize Your Photos

Turn ordinary photos into digital art with BeFunky's world famous Cartoonizer!

What started as a one-stop effect now has a full range of options to create a personalized cartoon look to your images.

Step 1: Upload your image into the Photo Editor.

Step 2: On your left hand menu choose the Artsy category.

Step 3: Click on Cartoonizer in your list of Artsy options:

Opening an image in Cartoonizer
Step 4 - From here you can choose from five variations of the Cartoonizer, each with a slightly different style. Below are examples of each variation on the same image:

Example of Cartoonizer variations
Step 5 - Use the Settings button to customize the effect on your image:

5a) Amount - Controls how dramatic your image is cartoonized
5b) Clutter Cleaner - Softens the image noise
5c) Sketch Detail - Creates darker lines and a more pen-drawn effect
5d) Color Detail - Focuses on the color effect

Play around with these until you get the desired result!

Step 6 - Once you're happy with the look you've created, press the blue checkmark to fully apply the effect to your images, then save your creations.

Using Cartoonizer DLX:

As an alternative, our DLX series includes our most refined version of Cartoonizer.

Step 1: Go to to Artsy effects, then choose the 'Digital Art' panel.

Step 2: Select Cartoonizer DLX to apply the effect.

Applying the Cartoonizer DLX
Step 3: Click the 'Settings' icon to adjust the Amount or Sharpen of the effect.

Step 4: Click the blue checkmark to apply the effect, or X out to cancel.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our blog post:

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