How to Cartoonize Your Photos

The Cartoonizer is the original tool that put BeFunky on the map! And, it remains one of our most popular effects in the Photo Editor. Turn your image into a variety of cartoon effects, and customize the presets to meet your specific design needs. 

Step 1: Open your image in the Photo Editor.

Step 2: On your left-hand menu choose the Artsy category.

Step 3: Click on Cartoonizer in your list of Artsy options

Pro Tip: Check out the newly renovated Cartoonizer DLX to see the digitally improved classic. You can find this in the Digital Art category of the Artsy section.

Step 4: Choose from a variety of Cartoonizer presets, each with a slightly different style. Below are examples of the results on the same image:

Step 5: Use the Settings button to customize the effect on your image:

  • Amount: Controls how dramatically the effect is applied to your image. 
  • Sketch: Adjusts the contour lines of your image, giving it a hand-drawn look. 
  • Color: Controls the amount of detail and color that comes through the cartoon effect.
  • Clutter Cleaner: Reduces the image noise and gives softness to your creation.  

Pro Tip: You can also apply the cartoonizer effect to a specific area of your canvas using the Select mode. 

Step 6: Click Apply to save your changes. Continue adding to and editing your creation. If you're done, be sure to save your project!

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