Searching for, and Adding, Design Elements

Whether you’re in the Photo Editor, Graphic Designer, or Collage Maker, you can search hundreds of vector graphics to add to your photos and designs. Here’s how to find the graphics you’re looking for:

Step 1: Once you’ve uploaded a photo in the Photo Editor, selected a design template in the Designer, or started a collage in the Collage Maker, click on the heart icon in the menu on the left (otherwise known as the Graphics tab in the Photo Editor and Collage Maker, and the Design Elements tab in the Designer) to open the tab.

Search for GraphicsStep 2: - To search for a graphic you’ve stored as a file on your Computer, click the Computer button.

Graphics-Search-FAQ-2-updated.jpgStep 3: To search BeFunky’s giant library of vector graphics, click the Search Graphics button. A Graphic Library screen will appear for you to begin searching.

Graphics-Search-FAQ-3-updated.jpgStep 4: To search graphics using a term, type into the box that says Search Graphics and press the Enter button on your keyboard to find graphics that match what you’ve typed.

Graphics-Search-FAQ-4.jpgStep 5: To search graphics by popular tag, click any of the buttons beneath the Popular Tags section to do a quick search with those search terms.

Graphics-Search-FAQ-5.jpgStep 6: From the graphics displayed as your search results, you can click on as many graphics as you’d like to use in your photo edit, graphic design, or collage. A blue square will appear around each graphic you’ve selected. When you’re finished selecting graphics, click the ‘x’ in the top right corner of the Graphic Library screen to close the search.

Graphics-Search-FAQ-6.jpgStep 7: You will now find the graphics you selected underneath the Your Graphics section. Double click the thumbnails or drag-and-drop them onto your photo or design to add them and begin customizing.

Graphics-Search-FAQ-7-updated.jpgStep 8: To remove graphics from the Your Graphics section, hover over the graphic with your mouse and click the ‘x’ in the bottom right corner.


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