How To Use The Fill Light Tool

With BeFunky’s Fill Light tool in the Photo Editor, you can easily bring details out of the shadows of your image and make your photo more balanced. It’ll mimic the the quality of a professional photography setup, giving your photo that secondary light source it needs, all in the photo editing process! 

1.) Upload your image into the BeFunky Photo Editor 

2.) Select the Fill Light tool from the Edit menu on the left

3.) Adjust the amount of Fill Light by dragging the slider until you’ve got the perfect amount of balance.

Quick Note : For making micro adjustments, you can click on the slider and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to adjust the slider right and left.

4.) If you want to get a bit more precise and only adjust the Fill Light in certain areas of your image, click on  the Paint tab (next to Adjust in the Fill Light tool interface) and click the Inverse icon. This will allow you to paint the Fill Light onto the portions of your photo that need it most.

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