Does BeFunky Have Keyboard Shortcuts?

Yes! Here are some of our most useful keyboard shortcuts:

Spacebar: Hold the Spacebar + Click and Drag to move around your canvas while zoomed in.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Use Space to Pan
Holding Shift while rotating an item snaps the item rotation to intervals of 15 degrees.

Keyboard Shortcuts - RotateWhile scaling an item (dragging one of the four corners), you can:

Hold Shift for freeform scaling -

Keyboard Shortcuts - Scaling

Please Note:

Image layers deform in the Photo Editor and Collage Maker. In Graphic Designer, image layer frames change without deforming the image. Freeform Scaling is disabled for text.

Arrow Keys: While an item is selected, the user can use the arrow keys to nudge the layer up/down/left/right.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Nudge
If you have Snapping and Display Distances turned on, you'll also see pixel distances appear as you nudge across the canvas.

D for Duplicate: While a transform item is selected, the user can hit ‘D’ on the keyboard to duplicate the item.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Duplicate
Original vs. Edit: Compare your new edits to the original image by hitting the 'O' key.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Show Original
Undo / Redo Actions: Pressing CTRL/Command+Z to undo, or Shift+CTRL/Command+Z to redo.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Undo/Redo
Copy / Paste Text: Highlight your text, then press CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste into the text box.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Paste Text
Use the Delete / Backspace key to remove an object:

Keyboard - Delete

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