Does BeFunky Have Keyboard Shortcuts?

Yes! Here are some of our keyboard shortcuts:

1.) Spacebar: Navigate around your image while zoomed in by holding the Spacebar + Click and Dragging.2.) Holding Shift while rotating an item snaps the item rotation to intervals of 15 degrees.

3.) While scaling an item (dragging one of the four corners), you can:

  • Hold Shift for freeform scaling.
    • *Note : image layer deforms in the Photo Editor and Collage Maker. In designer, image layer frames change without deforming image. Freeform Scaling is disabled for text.*

  • Hold Option/Alt for Centered Scaling.

  • Hold Shift + Option/Alt to Combine the Above Two Behaviors.

4.) Arrow Keys: While an item is selected, the user can use the arrow keys to nudge the layer up/down/left/right.

5.) While a transform item is selected, the user can hit ‘D’ on the keyboard to duplicate the item.

6.) Compare your new edits to the original image by hitting the 'O' key. 

7.) You can undo / redo actions by pressing CTRL/Command+Z (to undo) / Shift+CTRL/Command+Z (to redo.)

8.) Copy and Paste Text into the text box by highlighting your text, then pressing CTRL+C (to copy) / CTRL+V (to paste.)

9.) Use the Delete / Backspace key to remove an object.

Learn more about our keyboard shortcuts!

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