Clearing Your Browser Cache

The more information that is saved in the cache, the slower your computer will be browsing the web. Deleting the cache data will assist with any additional troubleshooting steps that we may ask you for. 

Google Chrome (MacOS, Windows)

Step 1: Click the Chrome dropdown and select Clear Browsing Data.

Clear Browser - Chrome 1

Step 2: Your browser preferences will open, in which all you need is your cache selected, and click Clear Browsing Data.

Clear Browser - Chrome 2

Firefox (Older Versions)(MacOS, Windows)

Step 1: Click the Firefox dropdown and select Preferences.

Clear Browser - Firefox 1

Step 2: Select Advanced.

Clear Browser - Firefox 2

Step 3: Find the Cached Web Content section, and select Clear Now.

Clear Browser - Firefox 3

Step 4: You will now see that your web content cache is at 0 bytes

Clear Browser - Firefox 4

Firefox (Current Versions)(MacOS, Windows)

Step 1: Similar to the older version, select the Firefox dropdown and click Preferences. 

Clear Browser - Firefox New 1

Step 2: Select Privacy & Security.

Clear Browser - Firefox New 2

Step 3: Find the Cached Web Content, and select Clear Now.

Clear Browser - Firefox New 3

Step 4: You will then see your web content cache is now using 0 bytes of space. 

Clear Browser - Firefox New 4

Safari (MacOS)

Step 1:Click the Safari dropdown tab and find Preferences.

Clear Browser - Safari 1

Step 2: Select the Privacy tab. 

Clear Browser - Safari 2

Step 3: Click the Manage Website Data... tab. Clear Browser - Safari 3

Step 4: Click Remove All.Clear Browser - Safari 4

Step 5: Click Remove Now.

Clear Browser - Safari 5

Microsoft Edge (Windows)

Step 1: Click the "..." drop down on the upper right hand corner of the browser screen. Then select Settings.

Clear Browser - Microsoft Edge 1

Step 2: Find the Clear browsing data section and select Choose what to clear.

Clear Browser - Microsoft Edge 2

Step 3: Make sure the Cached data and files is selected, then click Clear.

Clear Browser - Microsoft Edge 3

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