Opening Images From Google Drive

Opening images from Google Drive has become a more streamlined process. This improved approach is not only faster and easier but also offers greater flexibility. Follow along below to learn how to open images from Google Drive. 

Step 1: Open your Google Drive in another browser tab or window

Step 2: Locate the image you'd like to edit with BeFunky

Step 3: Right-click on the image, then select 'Open With' and choose BeFunky Photo Editor

Open With Google Drive.jpg

Any images or folders in your Drive that you created with BeFunky will be accessible in our Image Library, accessible via the Open menu or Image Manager.

Connecting Google Drive to BeFunky

If you are not seeing the option to 'Open With' BeFunky Photo Editor you will need to connect your account. Here's how to do this:

Step 1: From your Google Drive Account, right-click your image file to open the menu.


Step 2:  Select 'Open with', then 'Connect more apps'.

Step 3: Search for BeFunky Photo Editor in the Google Workspace Marketplace, then select BeFunky Photo Editor from the search results.  

connect drive google 2.png

Step 4: Click the Install button. Follow the prompts to finish connecting BeFunky Photo Editor to your Google Drive. (1).jpg


Mobile Access

Need to edit your images while using a mobile device?  We've got you covered! Head on over to the following article on how to open and connect to your Google Drive using a mobile device: Opening Images From Google Drive On A Mobile Device

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