How do I enable Flash Player?

Google Chrome - Flash Blocked

Select the lock icon that is next to "BeFunky Inc" in the URL.


Locate "Flash"/"Plugins" and then select the drop-down.

Select "Always allow on this site".

Close out of the site settings and then select the "Reload" button.


If flash is still not loading, then follow the steps in the next section: "Google Chrome - Flash Disabled"


Google Chrome - Flash Disabled

Type "chrome://plugins/" into the URL of the browser. Locate "Adobe Flash Player" and make sure to enable it.

Reload the website and if Flash is also blocked on our site, refer to the previous section:"Google Chrome - Flash Blocked"


Mozilla Firefox

Go to and then select "Allow" on the popup that appears. If the popup does not appear, select the plugin icon(grey block) to the left of the URL.


Select "Allow and remember" on the next popup that appears.



Select "Safari" from the top menu and then select "Preferences..."


Select Security. Now, make sure "Internet plug-ins:" is enabled and then select "Plug-in Settings..."


Locate "" and then select the drop-down.


Select "On".


Select the drop-down for "When visiting other websites" and then select "On"


Select the blue "Done" button.




Open the browser setting by selecting the "..." button in the top right of the browser.


Locate and select the "Settings" button.


Locate and select the "View advanced settings" button.


Make sure "Use Adobe Flash Player" is toggled on.



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