Adding Depth of Field with Funky Focus

Funky Focus lets you push the limits of reality in your photos. With a few steps, you can create a tilt-shift effect, change depth of field and turn everyday images into memorable photography.

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Step 1: Start with uploading an image to Photo Editor. Go into the Edit menu and choose Funky Focus.

Step 2: To make a circular shaped blur, use Radial mode. When you select Radial, a round target will appear on your screen. Adjust its size by clicking on the edges and dragging, and place it over the part of your photo you want to remain in focus.

Opening Funky FocusStep 3: Adjust Blur Amount and OpacityYour image will gradually fade out of focus from the point you selected.

Pro Tip :

While using Radial mode, hold the Shift key to lock the aspect ratio as you adjust the size of your focal point selection tool.

Step 4: Linear mode alters focus so it fades away from your subject in straight lines. Just choose Linear, and four lines will appear on your photograph. Whatever parts of your photo are within these lines will remain in focus. You can click on them to adjust their sizing, orientation and more.

Choosing Funky Focus OrientationStep 5: Then adjust Blur AmountOpacity and click Apply.

Pro Tip :

Linear mode is ideal for creating depth of field. For shallow depth of field, select a narrow point of focus. For more depth, widen your focal point.

Step 6: Use Black and White to create a different color profile. Select either Radial or Linear, and choose your point of focus.

Make Adjustments with Funky FocusStep 7: Then change Blur Amount and Opacity by dragging the sliding scales. When you do, your image will automatically fade from color in your focal point, to black and white surrounding it.

Pro Tip :

The icon with the two overlapping squares is Reverse. You can use it at anytime to flip which parts of your photograph are colored, in focus or blurred.

Step 8: To create a pixelated look, choose Mosaic. Then select your focal point using either Linear or Radial.

Additional Funky Focus OptionsStep 9: Then you can adjust Blur Amount and Opacity. When you click Apply, your photo will gradually become pixelated as it moves away from your selected focal point.

Step 10: Click blue checkmark to apply.

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