Removing Fine Lines with the Wrinkles Tool

BeFunky's Wrinkles tool can reduce the appearance of laugh-lines, crows feet or any other universal marks of aging. The tool will smooth and blend, while keeping your skin's natural color and texture with just a few brushstrokes! You can find this tool in the Touch Up section of the Photo Editor. 

This tool is only available for BeFunky Plus subscribers. Upgrade your subscription here!

Step 1: Open your image in the Photo Editor. Select Touch Up from the menu on the left, and click on Wrinkles.

Step 2: Adjust the sliders according to your needs. Strength will apply the effect with more or less force, depending on the scale. Brush Hardness will sharpen the edges of the brush if increased, or feather the edges for a softer transition if decreased. Change Brush Size to increase or decrease the surface area of your brush.

Step 3: Once you finish personalizing your brush, click and drag your mouse over the areas you want to apply the effect. Click Apply to save your changes.

Pro Tip: When applying the effect, clicking and dragging multiple times in the same area will keep the edges smooth and allow for a finer touch with the tool.

Step 4: Continue adding to and editing your creation. If you're done, be sure to save your project!

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