Diminish Fine Lines with the Wrinkle Tool

BeFunky’s Wrinkle tool mimics the effect of the “Healing Brush” used in advanced photo retouching programs, and simplifies it to be easy and accessible for everyone to use. With the Wrinkle tool, you can fight back against time and retouch photos like a pro.

1. To begin, upload your photo to BeFunky's Photo Editor. Then select Touch Up from the menu on the left, and click on Wrinkles.

Photo retouching with BeFunky's Photo Editor. 

2. To make even the finest lines fade away, just increase Strength. To bring back your brightness and achieve a soft glow, turn up Brush Hardness. Or, you can change Brush Size and cover more skin at one time.

Customizing BeFunky's Wrinkle tool for photo retouching. 

3. Once you finish personalizing your brush, click and drag your mouse over the areas you want to apply the effect. Once you do, your youthful appearance will be instantly restored.

Retouch photos with ease using BeFunky’s Wrinkle tool. 

4. Use our wide selection of Touch Up tools, and give yourself a complete makeover!

Using Teeth Whitening while retouching photos with BeFunky's Photo Editor. 

Final Results

Final Results using BeFunky's Wrinkle tool for photo retouching. 

Unfortunately, time takes its toll on all of us. Luckily, BeFunky's Wrinkle tool can help you fight the effects of Father Time, and appear smooth as can be in your photos!


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