Save Photos The Way You Want

The fine art of BeFunky photo editing lets you save whenever and however you please. You can do it to your computer, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive or your BeFunky profile. It couldn't be more convenient!

1.) When you’re finished bringing your creative vision to life with our Photo Editor, Collage Maker or Graphic Designer, click the Save button. You can find it at the top center of your screen.  

BeFunky Photo Editor saving options.

2.) To save to your computer, just select Computer from the drop down menu, type in a filename and choose between JPG or PNG for your photo format.

Quick Note: You can also adjust the quality of your image using the sliding scale. It will automatically be set to 90.0, but that extra 10.0 certainly helps to improve resolution!

Saving BeFunky photo edits to your computer.

3.) You can save your photos straight to your BeFunky profile. When you’re ready click Save, choose BeFunky from the drop down menu and enter a description in the box that says “say something.”

Quick Note: If you'd like to have your photo appear in our Explore Gallery, check the box that says public.

Saving photo edited images to your BeFunky profile.

4.) To save to Facebook, just choose Facebook from the drop down menu. Then enter a caption and click Save to make it final.

Saving to the BeFunky Photo Editor using Facebook.

5.) To save your image to your google drive account, select Google Drive from the drop down menu, name your file and click Save.

Saving to the BeFunky Photo Editor using Google Drive.

6.) To save to Dropbox, select Save from the drop down menu. Then choose Dropbox, name your file and confirm.

Saving to BeFunky's Photo Editor, Collage Maker and Designer using Drop Box.

If your having issues, please contact us here.

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