How To Achieve Perfect Balance with Exposure

Getting exposure right can be a delicate balancing act. Luckily, BeFunky's Exposure tool has easy-to-use settings that help you create perfect harmony in every one of your photos.

Step 1 - Upload a picture to the Photo Editor. Then choose Exposure from the Edit menu on the left.

Pro Tip : You can choose to adjust exposure on your entire photograph, or you can use the Paint feature to only enhance exposure on selected areas. 

Step 2 - Adjust Brightness and Contrast.

Pro Tip : To really make an impression on your audience, turn contrast higher. The greater the difference between highlights and shadows, the more your images pop!

Step 3 - For the final step, you have the option to tweak Highlights, Shadows, and Fill Light by adjusting sliding scales. When you’re satisfied, click Apply.

Pro Tip : Highlights makes the brights in your photo even brighter, Shadow strength makes the darks of your photo darker and Fill Light enhances detail.

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