Brighten Your Smile with Teeth Whiten

To go from a stained smile to bright, beautiful pearly whites in a few quick clicks, simply apply our Teeth Whiten tool.

1. To get started, upload a photo to the Photo Editor, go into the Touch Up section and select Teeth Whiten.

befunky photo editor teeth whiten touch up

2. Next, use the sliding scales to adjust Brush Size and Hardness.

Brush Size will control the surface area of your tool, while Hardness will determine the amount of feathering used.

befunky photo editor teeth whiten settings

3. For the final step, click and drag the mouse over your teeth. When you're done click Apply, and enjoy an instantly brighter smile!

befunky teeth whiten tool photo editor 

If you want a radiant smile in your photographs, look no further than our Teeth Whiten tool.


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