How do I use the Touch Up tools?

Sometimes pictures get washed out. Red Eye might plague you. And other days, you just don’t look so great. That’s why we offer Touch Up Tools that help you to always appear your best.

You can make subtle changes to your photos such as: erase blemishes, change your eye colors, and whitening your teeth. Or you could also take it a step further, and use our digital makeup kit to add lipstick, bronzer, and blush.

Getting Started With The Touch Up Tools 

Fix Redeye - Eye Color - Lipstick - Bronzer - Blush
Wrinkles - Flashpot - Teeth Whiten - Blemish Fix - Clone

Fix Redeye
Fix red eyes by choosing the Strength, Brush Size and Hardness and click/drag over the red color. It's super easy!

Eye Color
After you've selected the Color, strength, brush size, and hardness, click and drag the color on the eyes.  If you painted outside of the eye, click on 'Erase' and clean the area, or click on 'Reset' to start all over again. 

This tool works the same way as with the Eye Color tool.  And if you can't find the color you're looking for on the 'Color Palette', you can click on the first color to show our Color Picker with tons of more color options.

Blush & Bronzer
Depending on the face shape, you can apply the blush and the bronzer.  On both sets of tools, you'll be able to choose a color from the Palette, Color Tone, Strength, Brush Size, and Hardness. 

Blemish Fix
This retouching tool will get rid of pesky blemishes.
- Select your Brush Size and Hardness. 
- Click and paint on the parts of the image you want to retouch, each click adds a layer depending on how subtle you want the retouch to be.

Teeth Whiten 
Adjust the brush size and hardness, click and drag over the teeth to whiten them as much as you want!

You can remove unwanted objects from your photos, or add more to it, by cloning and painting them.
- Select Your Source
- Copy the part of the photo you want to clone
- Adjust the Brush Hardness
- Click and drag over the part of the photo you want to remove, or if you want to remove/add by cloning your source area.

Retouching your photos with our Touch Up Tools can make big changes in subtle ways, and bring out the best of your images. 

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