How To Remove Unwanted Objects with Clone

 BeFunky's clone tool can remove any unwanted objects from your image. Heres how: 

1.) To get started, upload your photo to BeFunky. Then go into the Touch Up tools and select Clone.

2.) Next, adjust Brush Size and Hardness. Brush Size determines the surface area of your Clone Tool, while Brush Hardness determines how soft the outlines of your edits will be. Lower hardness will give a feathered appearance.

3.) Select your source. Once you click Clone, a target will appear. Use it to choose the source, or area of the photo you want to clone.

4.) Click and drag your mouse to 'paint' over the object you want to remove. After you select your source, a second circle will appear. Align it vertically with your target, and click the mouse to recreate your source area

5.) When you're satisfied, click the blue checkmark to apply the effect and you're done! 

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