Can I sell images I edit with BeFunky?

Yes! Everything you build and create within BeFunky is 100% yours.

You have the right to display and commercially profit from anything created within the BeFunky Platform with a Basic account or a BeFunky Plus account. We do advise that you are sure that any images that you use either belong to you or you have permission to use them. Any image you source from within our provided stock image library, are stock images provided to us via Pexels and Pixabay. Any of these stock images are free to use.

Additionally, any uploaded fonts from external sources may have different terms of use. Confirm with the font resource that you have permission to use them commercially.

However, you may not grant your rights to any other person, i.e. you may not allow others to use your account to create BeFunky photos. To learn more, check out our Terms & Conditions

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