What is BeFunky?

BeFunky develops innovative digital media tools that let people become instant artists and express themselves creatively without the need for any technical knowledge.

What are photo effects?

BeFunky Photo Effects allow everyday people to easily create photographically rich and artistic results from their digital images without the need for any technical knowledge. These "one-click" photo-effect options produce desired results effortlessly and each effect comes with the option to make simple adjustments.

What are graphics?

They are speech bubbles, accessories, graphics and lot's of objects that you can add to your pictures. They allow you to use your creativity and turn an ordinary picture into a funny comic. 

Do I have to create an account?

You don't need an account to use BeFunky applications. However, creating one is absolutely free and it comes with many benefits including the ability to:

  • Store your images online with your BeFunky Photo Library
  • Add titles and descriptions
  • Bookmark your favorite effects and items

How much does BeFunky cost? Is it free?

We have 2 different accounts at BeFunky. Our Basic account is free to use and provides users with access to our library of 125 digital effects. Our BeFunky Plus account costs $4.95 Monthly or $34.95 a year, provides users with higher resolution output, offers users expanded rights use, plus a number of other features. To learn more about BeFunky Plus, please click here.

Do I have to download and install anything for running effects?

Not at all. All effects are processed online within seconds without the need for any additional software. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you’re good to go.

Is BeFunky easy to learn and use?

Yes! We have designed BeFunky to be easy to learn and use. All you have to do is upload a photo and click on the desired photo effect or drag the funkiest graphics into your picture. BeFunky does the rest. 

How do I sign up for a BeFunky Plus Account?

Please visit the "BeFunky Plus" information page.

How do I get started?

From the Create page, select the desired photo effects or graphics category. You will be taken to the selected application where you will be prompted to upload a picture. If you selected an effect, click on the desired effect,  once your picture has been uploaded. If you selected graphics start discovering the objects and visuals. Your creativity will fire up at some point :)

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