How to Add a Frame to Your Photo

BeFunky offers a wide variety of frames to add a unique touch to your photos. You can find the frames in the BeFunky Photo Editor under the Frames section. We'll go through how to add and edit a handful of frame styles in our Photo Editor below : 

1.) Decretive Frames : with our Decretive Frames, you have the option to reposition the image within the frame, adjust the color overlay, blend mode, position and opacity. 

2.) Drop Shadow Frames: with BeFunky's Drop Shadow Frames, you have the option to select custom background and shadow colors, along with the distance, angle, size, and opacity of the frame. 

3.) Film Strip Frames : with BeFunk's Film Strip Frames, you have the option to add a color overlay, change the blend mode, orientation, position of the image in the frame, and the frames opacity. 

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