How to Add a Frame to Your Photo

BeFunky offers a wide variety of frames to add a unique touch to your photos. We'll go through how to add and edit a handful of frame styles in our Photo Editor below. 

Step 1 - Open your image in the Photo Editor then choose Frames from the sidebar menu. You'll see a variety of frame options appear. 


Take a moment to look through all the frame options. You'll have a variety to choose from, including drop shadow, film strip, instant, borders, or several types of ornate decorative frames.

Step 2 - Try a drop shadow frame. You'll have options for the distance, angle, size and opacity of the drop shadow. You can also change the background color of the frame and the color of the shadow. 


Step 3 - With our decorative frames, you have the option to reposition the image within the frame, adjust the color overlay, blend mode, position and opacity. 


Step 4 - Play around with frame blend modes. You might like an effect like Overlay or Soft Light, which gives a nice subtle framing and some added texture to your image.


Step 5 - Try a Realistic frame to make a digital version of a frame you'd use in person. Or use this mode to test out how your image would look if you printed it out and framed it. 


For some more inspiration, check out our blog post:

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