Get Perfect Composition with Crop

With an easy-to-use interface, our Crop Tool helps you cut to the chase and focus on creating beautiful photographs.

To get started, upload your photo to BeFunky's Photo Editor and select Crop from the Essentials category.

advanced crop tool in befunky

Next, choose your type of crop. Just click the dropdown menu under Aspect Ratio to see your options.

facebook and twitter cropping in befunky

Next, click on Orientation and choose either Landscape or Portrait under, depending on your photo. 

BeFunky's crop tool

To change size, click the up and down arrows and adjust the Width and Height of your crop. When you're satisfied, click Apply and you're done!

aspect ration cropping in BeFunky

With a range of features that make cropping easier than ever, our Crop tool truly offers quality that's a cut above. Take the effort out of cropping for yourself!


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