Login Issues

If you are having issues logging into your BeFunky account on the mobile app, you can use your email address to set up a new password that will allow you to gain access to your account. 

Step 1: Head into the BeFunky Mobile App.

Step 2: Click on the Photo Editor.

Fix Log In Mobile 1

Step 3: In the upper right hand corner, click Save

Fix Login Issues - 2Step 4: Click BeFunky.

Fix Login Issues - 3Step 5: Click Login with Email.

Fix Login Issues - 4Step 6: Click Forgot Password. 

Fix Login Issues - 5Step 7: You will then be able to input your email address (be sure to use the email address linked to your BeFunky account) in which BeFunky will then email you instructions on how to reset your password. 

Fix Login Issues - 6

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