How Do I Restore My In-App Purchases?

If you find that your in-app purchases are not showing up in the BeFunky Mobile app, you have the ability to restore them.

Step 1: Make sure you are logged into your BeFunky account. Head into the Mobile Editor and click the Settings button in the upper right hand corner.

Restore In-App PurchasesStep 2: Click the BeFunky Toggle. Log in with either your email and or your Facebook profile (which ever you used to initially sign up for your BeFunky account).

Restore In-App PurchasesSometimes they disappear with an update, in which you can easily recover your purchases.

Step 1 : Head into the BeFunky Mobile app. Select Photo Editor, and select Effects.

Find Settings to Restore Step 2:  Scroll until you find a '+' and select it.

Select Plus Sign to RestoreStep 3: You will be taken to the in-app purchase page. Select 'restore' in the upper right hand corner. From here, your previous purchases will be restored within your mobile app.

In-App Purchase Page

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