Troubleshoot uploading photos and supported file types

How to Upload Photo

You can upload a photo to your BeFunky Workspace in various different ways. For your reference, we have an article that talks about all the different ways to upload your photo linked here.

Supported File Types

When uploading your photos, you will also want to make sure to use a supported file type. The JPG/JPEG, PNG and PDF formats are recommended, but you can find all supported file types here.

Potential issues with your Web Browser

When you are experiencing issues of any kind, you can't rule out a browser update. If you continue to have trouble after updating your web browser, try one of the following:

  • Restart your computer. Restarting your computer will help reset anything within your system that may be causing hiccups in BeFunky's functions.

  • Check that you are using a Compatible Web Browser

If further troubleshooting is necessary, please visit our article on Troubleshooting BeFunky Performance Issues.

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