Fix for iPhone users having trouble saving to their camera roll

If you've opted to install iOS6 in your iPhone, you'll notice a ton of new privacy features. One of them effects BeFunky's ability to save to your camera roll. When you first install the app you'll be prompted to allow BeFunky to have access to your camera roll. If you're like me, you just glaze over it and click 'deny' by default. Then when you try to save to your camera roll the photo is nowhere to be found... and when you try to pull photos from your camera roll, the screen below pops up.


It's really simple to fix this!

1. Close out of BeFunky and open your iPhone's 'Settings' app.

2. Select 'Privacy'                                 3. Select 'Photos'                                   4. Toggle BeFunky to 'ON' iphonefix

5. Close out of your 'Settings' app and reopen BeFunky

6. Edit and save your photos like a boss.



If you're still having trouble submit a support ticket with your device model and then try this temporary work around:

  1. Remove Save to Camera Roll in BeFunky
  2. Make sure BeFunky is closed
  3. Remove the Privacy Setting for ON for BeFunky
  4. Ensure Privacy Settings are closed
  5. Reboot
  6. Reset BeFunky Privacy Setting to ON


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