How Do I Edit My Photos From My Computer, Webcam, BeFunky, Facebook, Google Drive, And Dropbox?

When you open the Photo Editor, click 'UPLOAD' to access the upload menu.
You'll see options for: Computer, Webcam, BeFunky, Facebook, Google Drive, And Dropbox.


1.) Computer: We suggest an easy-to-find location for the images you wish to upload from your computer. In this situation we chose to store our image in our downloads folder. Simply click the appropriate folder, find the image, select it, and click Open


2.) Webcam: Select the webcam option from the upload tab. Simply click the "Take Webcam Snapshot" Box.


In some cases, you may need to allow Flash Player camera access in order to snap your webcam shot. After allowing permission, you will be able to snap a picture of yourself and beginning editing! 


3.) BeFunky: Select the BeFunky option (be sure you've previously uploaded/saved the image onto your BeFunky profile) and your photos will appear, allowing you chose accordingly. 


4.) Facebook: Select the facebook option, which will prompt a box asking to you connect to facebook. 


Once connected, you will have the option to pick the album where your image lives. From there, it will upload straight to BeFunky.


 5.) Google Drive: Select Google Drive from the upload tab. You will be prompted to log into your google account. 


You can either upload a new photo to your Google Drive, or simply select an image already on uploaded. 


6.) Dropbox: Select Dropbox from the upload drop down. It will prompt you to log into your Dropbox account. 


After signing in, locate the image you wish to upload, and select "Choose."


You can then SAVE/SHARE your edited photos back to your Computer, Webcam, BeFunky, Facebook, Google Drive, And Dropbox.

If you're having issues, please contact us here.

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