Working with Graphics

What are Graphics?

They are hand-drawn elements, accessories and graphics that you can add to your photos to add a creative touch.  You can also create social media visuals, labels, and many other designs. 

How are Graphics organized?

Graphics are grouped in categories. Under each category, there are different graphics that you can apply to your photos. Sometimes we add special seasonal categories like "Mother's Day" so you can create the coolest stuff when you need it.


What should I do to add a Graphic?

After uploading a photo to the Photo Editor or the Collage Maker, select the category of the graphic you want to use from the left menu. The graphics under that category will be loaded on the toolbar. Click on the item you want to add to the picture. 


How do I change the size/position of a Graphic?

After adding a graphic to your picture click on the object to edit it.


When you click and drag at the corner with the handle (white circle), you'll be able to RESIZE and ROTATE the object in both vertical and horizontal ways. To resize freely only horizontally or only vertically, click on Shift + Command (CTRL) and freely transform your graphic.

If you want to get your graphic STRAIGHT, when rotating it: click on the handle and rotate until the guideline appears.

Click the trash can icon to delete the object from your picture, or when selecting ht graphic, click delete on your keyboard.

Graphic Properties Box

You'll be able to Flip Vertically or Horizontally
Move Backwards or Forwards
Duplicate (or when selecting your graphic hit 'D' on keyboard)
Align to your image
Adjust the Blend Mode and Opacity
Color Overlay (match any color to your graphic with our Color Picker).

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