How Do I Work With Graphics?

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What are graphics?
Graphics are hand-drawn elements and stickers that you can add to your projects. They're perfect for social media visuals, labels, and many other designs.

How are graphics organized?
Graphics are grouped into Styles, and you can search for keywords relating to the graphic you're looking for. You can choose between Outline, Solid and Color graphic styles. You can also use Basic Shapes to build a custom shape for your design.

Adding a GraphicHow do I add a graphic?
Select the graphic(s) you're looking for from the Graphic Library. 'X' out of the dialogue to see them all appear under the 'Your Graphics' menu. From there you can double-click or drag-and-drop a graphic onto your canvas.

Resizing and Adjusting GraphicsHow do I change the size/position of a graphic?
After adding a graphic to your picture, click on the object and you'll see a blue outline appear with adjustable handles. Drag-and-drop a graphic to move it's location, or click the blue adjustment handles to resize or rotate the graphic.

Customizing Graphics
How can I customize my graphics?
Use snapping and display distances to help guide the graphics around your canvas. By default resizing a graphic will keep it's original aspect-ratio. Hold shift to scale the graphic freely instead. To delete the object from your canvas, click the trash can icon, or hit the delete key on your keyboard while the graphic is selected.

Snap and Move Graphics

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