How Do I Upload A Photo?

Step 1: Head into the BeFunky Photo Editor.

Step 2: Bring up the upload panel by clicking on the "Open" button at the top.

Screen_Shot_2018-12-26_at_2.37.52_PM.pngStep 3: You have several options for uploading an image:

  • Pull images from your computer (we suggest pulling any image onto your desktop and uploading from there).
  • Choose from your BeFunky images.
  • Access your photos directly from your Google Drive.
  • Choose the More sub-folder to browse Stock Images, pull directly from Facebook or Dropbox, or engage your Webcam.


What Type Of Images Can I Upload?

BeFunky supports JPEG/JPG (common file format for digital cameras), GIF, BMP, and PNG file formats.

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