Using Old Photo Restorer

Over time, photographs can lose color and details, develop cracks and scratches, and even be riddled with dust when you scan or take photos of them. All of this can be easily solved with the Old Photo Restorer. Rolled into one easy-to-use A.I.-powered tool, scratches, cracks, and dust disappear, details are sharpened, faces become clear, and coloring is enhanced. As part of BeFunky's collection of photo-enhancing tools, save yourself time and use the Old Photo Restorer to revitalize older images quickly and easily. 

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Step 1: Open your photo in BeFunky’s Photo Editor and select Old Photo Restorer in the Detail Enhancements section of the Edit menu. 

Step 2: Adjust the Scratch Reduction slider to reduce visible scratches, cracks, and dust.  

Step 3: Toggle the Recover Faces option to bring out the details of faces in an image. This feature works best with forward-facing human subjects. This feature will be unavailable if no faces are detected in your image.

Step 4:  Toggle the Recolor B&W option to allow A.I. to colorize your image automatically. This works on various image color profiles and black-and-white images.

Step 5: Previewing the Before and After images is on by default, allowing you to view the original and restored images split-screen.  The original image will be on the left side of the canvas, and the restored image will be on the right side.  Drag the arrow slider on the canvas to adjust how much of each version of your image is visible. 

The Before and After checkbox can be deselected if you do not wish to see this option. Only the restored image will be displayed.  

Step 6 (optional): Use the Select tab to place the tool in Select Mode to selectively apply and remove parts of the effect on the image. 

Step 7:  Click Apply to save your changes. 

Step 8: Continue adding to and editing your creation. If you're done, be sure to save your project

woman with tennis racket portrait Before & After restored.jpg

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